Trip to the Almabtrieb in the Alps!


Almabtrieb (Alpine pasture drive)

When? / Where?

September 2023



Duration / Fee

6 hours
320 € (group)

Trip to the Almabtrieb in the Alps!

Return of cows, sheep & goats from the mountain pasture

Also for the cows, sheep and goats the most beautiful summer is over at some point and they are led from the alpine pasture and through the villages back to their owners.

When the alpine summer has passed without any fatal accidents for humans or animals, the animals are artistically decorated for the drive down. For the animals' headdresses are used: Almrausch (alpine shrub or alpine rose), Latschenkiefer (mountain pine), silver thistle and Strohblumen (dried flowers). A special role is played by the Kranzkuh (wreath cow), which leads the herd on its way to the home barn. She receives an unusually large headdress woven in the shape of a crown. On the wreath there is usually a cross with which prayers are made for the protection of heaven.

Join me in the coming year! I guarantee you unforgettable impressions.

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What to know about sheep grazing in Bavaria?


At the sheep drive in Mittenwald, 500 sheep parade through the town center. What is the importance of sheep grazing in Bavaria?

Shepherding as a traditional form of animal husbandry has shaped various cultural landscapes (juniper heaths, dry and rough grasslands) for centuries, especially in Bavaria, with current focal points in Franconia and Swabia. The shepherds' associations organized today in the Bavarian Shepherds' Association with its approximately 1,500 sheep farmers go back to the shepherds' guilds documented since the 15th century. A variety of traditional customs and festivals such as sheep races, herding competitions and shepherd dances are central to social cohesion.

"Sheep farming in Bavaria" was included in the list of intangible world cultural heritage in 2018.