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Trip to the King Ludwig Bonfire!


Visit to Oberammergau and the evening spectacle "König-Ludwig-Feuer"

When? / Where?

23 August 2023



Duration / Fee

6 hours
320 € (group)

Trip to the King Ludwig Bonfire!

Alpenglow & Bonfire in Oberammergau

In 2022, Oberammergau was on everyone's lips because of the Passion Play. If you haven't been there, you now have another opportunity to get to know the beautiful Upper Bavarian town with its colorfully painted houses. Why don't you come to Oberammergau for the King Ludwig Fire. The good thing about this event is that it takes place every year. So you don't have to wait ten years like you do for the Passion Play.

What is the King Ludwig Fire all about? Every year on the eve of King Ludwig II's birthday, August 24, the artificial mountain fires blaze on the peaks of the Ammergau Alps. A wooden king's crown is erected on Oberammergau's local mountain, the Kofel, which is lit at nightfall and bathes the mountain walls and peaks in a glowing yellow-red. 

A trip to Oberammergau to see the King Ludwig Fire can be easily combined with a visit to Linderhof Castle. This castle is worth a visit, almost more than the world famous Neuschwanstein. Linderhof, this masterpiece of castle architecture, is unjustly overshadowed by Neuschwanstein. Linderhof unlike Neuschwanstein was inhabited by Ludwig II, and there is also the famous grotto, for which the first electricity plant in Bavaria was built.


Let yourself be surprised and be my guest for an unforgettable shared experience!

Image by andreas kretschmer