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Trip to the Kaltenberg Ritterturnier!


Visit of the Kaltenberg Knights' Tournament

When? / Where?

14 - 30 Jul 2023



Duration / Fee

6 hours
320 € (group)

Visit Kaltenberg Ritterturnier!

The return of the knights

In 2023, you will have more than one opportunity to see a jousting tournament where medieval traditions are re-enacted.


Armed and in full armor, you will meet the first knights of the year in April at the St. Georgi Ride, or at the Landshut Wedding. But if you want to meet them in action, where you can watch a "real" jousting tournament, then the Kaltenberger Ritterturnier (Kaltenberg Knights' Tournament) is highly recommended! Daredevil riders with their squires, beautiful ladies, rustic craftsmen... 

...accompany me on a trip to the Middle Ages, to the time of chivalry, which every young nobleman had to earn by deeds! 

I look forward to you and your request and our joint trip!

Do you want to know more right now?

Ring jousting in Munich, February 24, 1568!

If you don't have time for the Kaltenberg Knights' Tournament, there is still the opportunity to watch jousting on Marienplatz during your stay in Munich! There, in 1568, a two-week knights' tournament took place with competitions in different types of weapons. In the picture below you can see the so-called Ringstechen (Ring jousting).

Munich residents can still watch this spectacle from times past: three times a day in the summer, twice a day in the winter. We are talking about the Glockenspiel in the New City Hall. 

If you would like to experience this and have more information about it, I am at your disposal for an informative and entertaining tour through Munich's old town.

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