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Andechs Monastery & Lakeside Tour!


Visit to Andechs monastery & Starnberger See/Ammersee

When? / Where?

Mar - Oct



Duration / Fee

4-6 hours
320 € (group)

Andechs Monastery & Lakeside Tour!

Monks, pilgrims & beer lovers on Bavaria's holy mountain

It is said that baroque culture and Bavarian mentality go well together! The architectural equivalent is found in the numerous baroque churches and monasteries in Bavaria.


In the Benedictine monastery of Andechs, which stands on Bavaria's holy mountain, everyone can see this for themselves. It is filled with Benedictine life to this day. The monks take care of the pilgrims and also very successfully run the monastery's own brewery. Andechs beer can now also be purchased in the USA.

Eating and drinking at the Klostergasthof is a fine experience for everyone's palate and makes you happy! Of course, the home-brewed monastery beer can be tasted on site. There you can practically experience what used to be drunk during fasting periods: Lent beer, which was also called "liquid bread" because it was brewed particularly strong and nutritious. The "Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel" is still brewed this way today and successfully sold as a Lent beer! If you ask the Bavarians about their love of a good beer, they like to point out that it's not the beer they love, but the "liquid lunch"!

On a trip to Andechs, you can get to know the Upper Bavarian lake landscape around Starnberger See and Ammersee. A side trip to Bernried with its old, picturesque farmhouses can be combined with this. Or one to the castle of the last "Queen of Bavaria," who was not a real queen, but a filthy rich heiress to the world's largest brewery: Wilhelmina Busch-Woods! She once fell in love with this landscape south of Munich and stayed. 

I look forward to seeing you!

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