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Trip to the Maschkera Parade!


Carnival parade through the village of Mittenwald

When? / Where?

16 February 2023
(Fat Thursday)



Duration / Fee

6 hours
320 € (group)

Trip to the Maschkera Parade!

A Bavarian carnival parade 

In Bavaria, the carnival is called Fasching and is officially opened on November 11. Fasching is often referred to as the so-called fifth season, which ends on Ash Wednesday. Before Ash Wednesday, Fasching reaches its peak with the opening of the street carnival on Fat Thursday. 

Dressing up for a Fasching costume party is called "going maschkera" in Bavaria. The most magnificent maschkera can be found on Fat Thursday in Mittenwald in Upper Bavaria. There, the men dress up for the traditional costume parade in a very special way: With a wooden mask on their faces and bells around their hips, they are well equipped to march merrily through the streets and drive away winter with lots of noise! With bouncing steps they parade through Mittenwald.

Join me next time in Mittenwald! A colorful hustle and bustle awaits us. Finally, there will be a good Bavarian meal in a rustic inn in front of the mighty backdrop of the Alps.


Do you want to know more right now?

Who is behind the masks?


In Mittenwald only men go Maschkera! It is all about not being recognized. But it has happened in the past that women mingled with the Maschkera.

Carnival, Fasching, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, Fat Thursday...

Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday literally means Fat Tuesday. There are some other days that are called "fat", like Fat Thursday. This is the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, the last Thursday before Lent. The last week before Lent is traditionally the peak of Carnival (Fasching in Bavaria), which is also celebrated in the streets during this time. The "fat" days refer to the fact that now is the last opportunity to celebrate and eat everything that is forbidden in the following forty days of Lent. 

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