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Trip to the Maypole Raisings in Bavaria!


Maypole raising in several Bavarian communities

When? / Where?

1 May 2023



Duration / Fee

4-6 hours
280 € (group)

Trip to the Maypole Raisings in Bavaria!

Be strong together, celebrate together

On May 1, 2023, it's that time again: new maypoles will be erected in many communities throughout Bavaria. Among the places there are even competitions where the highest and most magnificent tree is erected. In each region, the maypole may look different. In some places it is erected with the bark and elsewhere peeled and painted white-blue, hung with colorful ribbons, decorated with carved figures and a wreath.

To set up the maypole, all the strong male hands of the village are needed, because the use of technical aids is frowned upon. According to old tradition, the tree is erected by command with thick long poles "Schwaibeln", which are tied together to "scissors". This work can take several hours. The maypole erectors need what is called "Irxnschmalz" in Bavarian dialect! Guests and locals are always welcome to cheer on the maypole erectors to succeed.

You are cordially invited to join me on a trip to a maypole raising! In many places there is brass music, food and drink after a successful maypole raising. Traditional ribbon and folk dances around the tree provide fun and entertainment. Let's join in and have a good time!

Do you want to know more right now?

Where can you find maypoles in Munich?


Maypoles used to serve as information pillars. They provided information about the local craftsmen. Today, people no longer use the maypole or the yellow pages for this information, but look it up on Google! The maypole has always been placed in the center of a village or town because of its informational function. This center used to be the market place.

Today, the erection of the maypole has survived as a Bavarian tradition even in cities like Munich. There is a maypole at Munich's Viktualienmarkt, a permanent food market. There, the maypole refers to Munich's traditional breweries. But there is more! Maypoles are regularly erected in some of Munich's districts, which have retained their former character as independent villages. 

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