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City walking tour!


Guided city walking tour


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Duration / Prices

2 hours
220 € (per group)
16 € (per person)

City walking tour!

The most famous sights of the old town

Let's set off on a historical walk through the old town, which will give you a good first overview in­cluding the most famous attractions. The historical places also inclu­de the stories of the life of the people in this city. So we see that life in Munich was not always magically beautiful! And this was the opinion of the American writer Mark Twain when he came to Munich in 1878: "Munich see­med the most terrible, the most desolate, the most unbearable place." But the initial reluctance quickly grew into increasing enthusiasm: "The next morning we all fell in love with Munich."

Today, Munich is the administrative capital of Bavaria. The Bavarian State Chancellery and the "Mi­nisterpräsident" are located in the city in the immediate vicinity of the centuries-old home of the Bavarian rulers. They were members of the Wittelsbach family, who lived here in the so-called "Re­sidenz" and ruled Bavaria for over 700 years. Over this very long period of time, they have signifi­cantly shaped the lives of Munich residents. And they shaped the architectural image of the old town, inclu­ding the most famous attractions.

In addition to the rulers and city leaders, the common people also have their say. De­spite all the hardships, they developed a preference for idiosyncratic characters, whose adventures went down in city history as anecdotes.

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