Munich Residenz Tour!


Guided tour of the Munich Residenz

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Upon request



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2-3 hours
220 € (group)

Munich Residenz Tour!

Power & splendor in Munich

The Munich Residenz is the largest city palace in Germany. It is well worth the visit! You will certainly not be bored, because we will roam several centuries, which have produced very different fashions and styles of decoration. There is something for everyone to like on this tour. The treasury can also be included in this visit. 

In a stately environment we will walk in the footsteps of its inhabitants, who are still good for a story today, and discover times gone by. The following Bavarian rulers have already had the guest room wing of the Munich Residenz prepared for our visit: Maximilian I, the iron ruler, Max Emanuel, the "blue king", Karl VII, the unfortunate emperor.

And what about the wives of the Bavarian princes? They are the trump card I have up my sleeve so that I can still surprise you during our tour. Until then, I ask you to "antichambrate" like the envoys of earlier times, that is, to wait and exercise patience until we see each other. I guarantee you that there are several red threads that we can follow from the 16th to the 20th century without losing perspective and joy!

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Who brought power & splendor to Bavaria?

Albrecht V! He was Duke of Bavaria from 1550 to 1579. Under him, Munich blossomed as a Renaissance city. He eagerly collected everything that enriched his chamber of art and curiosities. Among them were some very exotic pieces, such as the stuffed elephant Soliman! 

Albrecht's curiosity not only wandered into the distance, but was also directed toward his Duchy of Bavaria. He wanted to know where the villages and towns were located and had them drawn on maps. These were made by the mathematician Philipp Apian, who surveyed Bavaria for this purpose. He succeeded so well that even Napoleon, the French emperor, took his cue from the "Bavarian Land Tables". It also fits in with Albrecht's mathematical and scientific curiosity that he had the Bavarian residential towns (Munich, Landshut, Burghausen, Ingolstadt, Straubing) carved out of lime wood. These city models can be seen today in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, the Bavarian Museum of Arts and Crafts. 

Bavarian splendor to set the mood for a visit!
Anna Herzogin von Bayern
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Albrecht V mit Löwen
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