Munich Old Town Walking Tour!


Guided city tour of Munich


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Duration / Prices

2 hours
220 € (group)

Munich Old Town Walking Tour!

Tour of the most famous sights 

It's great that you are visiting Munich. Hopefully you won't feel like Mark Twain when he arrived in Munich in 1878. And if you do, I hope you come to the same conclusion as Mark Twain, who wrote: "Munich seemed the most terrible, the most desolate, the most unbearable place." But the initial reluctance quickly grew into increasing enthusiasm: "The next morning we all fell in love with Munich."


The best thing to do first is to go for a walk through the old town of Munich. This will give you a good overview of the most famous sights and shopping opportunities. 

From Munich it is not far to the Alps, which come within reach of the city during a certain weather condition called Föhn. Munich is the capital of the state of Bavaria, which is one of the 16 states of Germany. We Bavarians are very happy to be far away from the German capital Berlin and also we are very proud of our language and culture. Bavaria is one of the countries where many traditional festivals take place in large numbers throughout the year.

Maybe you would like to extend your trip beyond Munich and get to know more of Bavaria. I would be delighted and am at your disposal!

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