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Neuschwanstein Castle Tour!


Day trip to the Bavarian
Allgäu to visit Neuschwanstein Castle


Upon request



Duration / Price

8-10 hours
380 € (group)

Neuschwanstein Castle Tour!

The castle that influenced Walt Disney

The 19th century was an exciting time: The Bavarian King Ludwig II developed visionary ideas and implemented them in his palace buildings, like Neuschwanstein, with state-of-the-art technology. We learn about a time that is still interesting today: Technical and economic change required a high degree of social mobility and changed the world we lived in until then. 

It is worth discovering Neuschwanstein Castle and its history. All you need is someone to give you the most important information at the right time and orient you on the spot.

Let's go on a journey of discovery together!

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Be careful! What do you think you see when you see Neuschwanstein? It all depends on where you're from!


Walt Disney once visited the castle and was so enchanted by its architecture that he even included the silhouette in his company logo. Let yourself be enchanted like Walt Disney once did!

There are people who tell you that Neuschwanstein Castle is representing German culture at its best: "Neuschwanstein Castle stands for Germany!" This is what many people say when visiting the castle for the first time. Germany disappears as a geographical place behind its most famous castle.

This unique career of Neuschwanstein Castle in people's perception is in stark contrast to the shy personality of its builder, King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The latter promoted the natural sciences and used technical achievements to realize his ideas. We owe this to him to this day and the founding of the Technical University of Munich.

Image by Luis Fernando Felipe Alves