City Hall Tour!


Guided Tour of Munich City Hall

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2 hours
220 € (group)

Munich City Hall Tour!

Urban history is migration history

On our exploration tour of the New City Hall, we move through more than 100 years of city history! We always have the current reference to our time, because it is still the place of the city council meetings and also houses the offices of the mayor.

Would you like to see everything with your own eyes? We will wander through the spacious corridors of the New Town Hall and discover all sorts of interesting facts and also many surprising details on columns, walls, ceilings and windows. Of course, we will also visit the magnificently furnished meeting rooms, where Munich's city councils and mayors still meet today. The highlight is a visit to the Law Library, which is coveted worldwide as a film set because of its Art Nouveau décor. At the end of our tour, we head to the balcony of the city hall, from where we have a magnificent view of Munich's Marienplatz.

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Cities live from immigration. Urban history is migration history!

In the 19th century, Munich grew rapidly within 100 years. While the population was still a manageable 40,000 around 1800, things were different around 1900: the city was approaching half a million inhabitants. The city administration was bursting at the seams and so it was decided to build a new city hall.

There was always an influx of people, even if not to the same extent as in the second half of the 19th century. Some of these new residents succeeded in social advancement, even reaching the city council. We learn from the town clerk that Angelo Sabbadini became a councillor in the 18th century. He had once made his way to Munich from Pavia in Italy as a colonial goods merchant.

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