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Nymphenburg Palace & Park Tour!


Visit of Nymphenburg Palace & Park

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4 hours
320 € (group)

Nymphenburg Palace & Park Tour!

Baroque culture and Bavarian mentality go well together!

It is said that baroque culture and Bavarian mentality go well together. Bavaria and its inhabitants are identified with this era. 

Let's take a journey together to this time, when the baroque culture met the Bavarian mentality for the first time. I am a Bavarian, but for this journey I need support: There is a Bavarian ruler who lived this time with every fiber, Max Emanuel!

Even when he was born in 1662, this was celebrated exuberantly in a baroque setting. Two buildings erected for his birth still bear witness to this time and are considered exquisite spatial creations of the Baroque. You can get to know one of them on a tour of the old town, and you will already know the other, because our joint excursion will take us there: Nymphenburg Palace! It is one of the most important baroque palace complexes in Europe. 

Let's go on a journey of discovery to the Munich of the Baroque. Nymphenburg Palace is located in the west of the city and can be reached easily and quickly by streetcar from the city center. 

I look forward to our joint tour of the Nymphenburg Palace Park, which we will conclude with a tour of the palace! I promise you will never be bored on the trail of Max Emanuel! 

Do you want to know more right now?

Nymphenburg Palace owes its present appearance to the Bavarian ruler Max Emanuel. When he came into the world in 1662, the Thirty Years' War had just been over for 14 years. This war was the great catastrophe of the 17th century on the European continent and had also taken place on Bavarian soil. During this time, the two Bavarian residential cities of Munich and Landshut had been temporarily occupied by Swedish troops. A terrible time!

You know how it is: when things are bad anyway, they often get worse before they get better again. This was also the case in Bavaria at that time. Prince Maximilian, Max Emanuel's grandfather, was getting older and older and had no heir. Do you want to know what happened next? Things got better and a new era dawned. I would like to take you back to that time.