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Schäffler Trachtenzug 2017_edited.jpg

Oktoberfest Parade & Munich City Tour!


City tour with visit to the Oktoberfest parade

When? / Where?

17 September 2023



Duration / Fee

2-3 hours
220 € (group)

Oktoberfest Parade & Munich City Tour!

Trachten- und Schützenzug

The traditional costume and riflemen's parade always takes place on the second day of the Oktoberfest. Make a note of 17 September 2023: on this day, participants will march from the Maxmonument to the Theresienwiese. This event has an international line-up, as do the beer tents afterwards!

My guests and I went to see the traditional costume and riflemen's parade in 2022, to which even participants from the USA were invited.  Among the participants were the Munich Schäffler (see picture above, Schäffler = barrel makers), who occupy an important place in Munich's city history. During their march through the streets of the city, they were accompanied by traditional brass bands. We were even able to meet the Munich Schäffler a second time while watching the Glockenspiel (chimes) of the New City Hall! 

Join us next time! After the parade has reached the Oktoberfest, you can see, hear and smell for yourself: Everything is prepared for it! The beer tents are set up, the beer is brewed and the horses are barred and decorated. Finally, the scent of roasted almonds is wafting over the Theresienwiese again!

I look forward to seeing you! 

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