Munich City Sightseeing Tour!

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Here are a few suggestions to get you in the mood for our city sightseeing tour:

Residenz und Staatskanzlei (The Munich Residenz and Bavarian State Chancellery)

The official residence of the Bavarian Minister President (he is comparable to a governor in the USA) is located in the immediate vicinity of the Munich Residenz, which for centuries was the residencial palace and seat of government of the Bavarian rulers. So you can see that the "center of power" in Munich has remained true to its place in the city.


Shows you what car-friendly Munich looks like. Its course follows the former moat of the medieval town fortifications, and so at least the extent of medieval Munich can still be easily traced, even if the city itself no longer has much to offer from the Middle Ages.

Maximilianstraße, Bayerische Staatsoper (Opera/Bavarian National Theater) und Bayerischer Landtag (Bavarian State Parliament)

On Maximilianstraße, Munich becomes a big, wide world! From Armani to Dior to Zegna, everything that has a name and a reputation in the fashion business is represented. Recommended if your wallet allows it. The most expensive shopping street in the city is a wonderful place to stroll and "pose" or to just be an observer. The street is bordered by Munich's most important cultural and political institutions: the Opera and the Bavarian Parliament.

Are you enthusiastic about art?

Then, let's go to the city district where the most famous art galleries are located (the Kunstareal): three art galleries and the Brandhorst Museum dedicated to the American painter Cy Twombly are waiting to be discovered. Afterwards we continue west, where the Bavarian aristocracy once spent the mild summer months: Nymphenburg Palace awaits you with culture and a wonderful palace park, where you can study nature as well as culture.

Is physical exercise part of your nature?

Then we must definitely pass slowly by the Englischer Garten, so that later you can find the best surfers in Munich without my help, those at the Eisbach! The famous American surfer and former world champion windsurfer, Robby Naish, visited Munich a few years ago and guess what he did: he went surfing at the Eisbach! There you can study not only the art of surfing, but also a physical principle named after its inventor Venturi. After that you are welcome to get active yourself, you are already in Munich's largest city park, the Englisher Garten, which offers many possibilities.

Did you miss the Munich beer in my suggestions? I've saved that for when I meet you in person!

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