The Passion Play 2022! Your guide to Oberammergau.

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The Passion Play has been performed on stage in the Upper Bavarian town of Oberammergau for 400 years.

Passion play and local history offer enough material to make our trip to the Passion Play 2022 knowledgeable and entertaining:

  • Do you know who is allowed to take part?

  • How many main and supporting roles have to be filled? There are legendary acting dynasties in Oberammergau!

  • Do the actors have to be christians?

  • Have you ever heard of the beard and hair decree?

One thing is certain: the Passion Play is a major theater event that can only be experienced every ten years. And it's not just the locals who want to see the “Passion” live once in a lifetime!

In addition, on our trip to Oberammergau we drive through some of the most beautiful regions of Upper Bavaria, which have many stories worth telling.

The story of the Passion has been told for 400 years and adapted to the time in which it is performed. That means: The performance history is also very exciting and has gone through many developments. The 42nd Passion Play will take place in 2022. It has been part of the intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014 and the Passion Play Theater in Oberammergau has been a listed building since 2020.

What is the Passion Play about?

It is about the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, i.e. about crucifixion, death and resurrection, about the most important religious holidays in the Christian religion. The Passion Play was created at a time when many residents of the Ammer Valley died of the plague. The misfortune of seeing many suffer and die was seen as God's punishment. How did people try to regain God's grace and thus end dying? They vowed to perform the passion of Jesus Christ. This was a powerful sign because Jesus Christ had suffered and died for people.

This may sound too pathetic to many today, as religion no longer has the same status in people's lives as it did 400 years ago. For others, this understanding is still part of their belief. I am sure you have a good reason to come in person to the Passion Play in Oberammergau. An exciting story and great spiritual theater await you.

2022 will definitely be an extraordinary festival time.

The Passion Play, which had been postponed two years earlier due to the corona pandemic, can finally take place. This is exactly how it was 100 years ago: In 1922 there was a Passion Play in Oberammergau. Two years earlier it had been canceled because of the Spanish flu.

As a your guide on the trip you have organized. Please get in touch with me.

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