City tour by bus!

As a guide on your city tour.

  • 2 Stunden
  • 220 Euro
  • individual meeting place


Now and then it's nice to just be an observer! Simply immerse yourself in the lively city life on a Saturday afternoon or get to know how the people live in the city, and that is what they do mainly outside the historic old town. This will tell you more than any travel guide! On a city tour by bus, these opposing interests can be wonderfully combined without the group having to be split up. Everyone is taken care of! A city tour by bus is also a welcome opportunity to finally tell a few humorous anecdotes from the city's history. In addition, it offers a decisive advantage compared to exploring the city on foot: Greater distances can be covered quickly and easily and different places can be brought into connection that you would otherwise never see at the same time. Other stories can be told from this perspective!



Humannweg 17, 80937 München, Deutschland