The Königssee!

"That's how I always imagined Bavaria."

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What reasons can there be for you to visit the Königssee and the area in and around Berchtesgaden? You will experience the unique atmosphere of the Königsee--and you can feel it in any weather! As a contrast to this, the salt mining industry tells us about the great importance of salt for the people and the people of Munich in particular. Life and survival in the Alpine region are forever immortalized in the legends of the area. And: Do you know about the exciting projects in the Alpine National Park? This and much more awaits you! Here we go! The German Alpine Road connects Lindau am Bodensee with Schönau am Koenigssee. In between there are 450 kilometers, which reach their dramatic and beautiful climax in the area of ​​the Berchtesgaden Alps. “That's how I always imagined Bavaria!”, you often hear that from visitors who see Königssee for the first time. The Berchtesgadener Land, with its fabulous mountain peaks that tell of the stone abundance of children and enchanted women, has only been part of Bavaria for 200 years. The Königssee is the epitome of the Bavarian landscape par excellence: steep mountain slopes, the picturesque pilgrimage church of St. Bartholomä, whose red shingle roofs harmonize wonderfully with the green shimmering water of the lake. But not only the Königssee is worth a trip. In the immediate vicinity is the salt mine, where salt has been mined for more than 600 years. Stories about salt and the salt trade are interesting for everyone in Munich: the relocation of the salt trade route from Föhring to Munich once ensured that it went down in history as “munichen”!