The Zugspitze!

Germany's highest mountain

  • 12 Stunden
  • 460 Euro
  • individual meeting place


What reasons could there be for you to get to know the Zugspitze? Apart from the fact that it is Germany's highest mountain? On this excursion you will learn what a panorama is and take changing angles over a sea of ​​mountain peaks. Exciting stories from death-defying surveyors, daring mountaineers, sporty women and scrambling artists. Experience technology of the 20th and 21st centuries on the mountain with the cable car and rack railway. And: Your selfie in front of the summit cross will be posted! “Going into the mountains” is one of the favorite pastimes of the people of Munich. You could easily forget that people haven't always dared to do as much on the mountain as they do today. For a long time they were hostile to respectful of the local mountain world, scared and fascinated at the same time. It wasn't just the men who scrambled to the top of the Alps. From the 19th century on, women were in no way inferior to them: Bavaria's Queen Marie, mother of King Ludwig II, was already the eighth woman on the summit of the Zugspitze! These and many other stories are waiting for you! Germany's highest mountain awaits with a breathtaking panorama: the view of 400 alpine peaks, which are located in four different countries.



Humannweg 17, 80937 München, Deutschland