Munich Oktoberfest Tour!


Wiesn stroll with beer tent visit

When? / Where?

16 Sept - 3 Oct 2023
(dates by arrangement)



Duration / Fee

2-3 hours
220 € (group)

Munich Oktoberfest Tour!

Experience Munich's Beer Festival

When will it be called "Ozapft is!" again?

The Oktoberfest (Munich's Beer Festival) gets underway with the arrival of the festival hosts on the first day! The opening parade to the Oktoberfest ends in the beer tent of the Schottenhamel family. They once set up the first large tent to serve the guests. In the "tapping box", Munich's mayor traditionally taps the first beer barrel.

During our joint Oktoberfest strolls, you can experience for yourself that everything is prepared for it:  the tents are set up, the beer is brewed and the horses are barred and decorated. The smell of roasted almonds is wafting over the Theresienwiese again! We also have time to explore some of the large tents from the inside. You will be introduced to the most important hosts, from the past and present. The breweries should not be missing. After our tour you will know the traditional Munich breweries and know how to become a Wiesn host. And of course, the numerous Oktoberfest originals and their sly ideas should not be missing on our tour.

Oktoberfest stories from 200 years await you. Finish off with a Maß Bier in one of the large beer tents. 

I look forward to seeing you! 

Do you want to know more right now?

Why does the Oktoberfest exist? – Because of the good Munich beer?


The so-called Beer Festival was not invented to celebrate Munich's beer! On the contrary, there was a wedding to be celebrated! Let us look back on the event.


In 1810 Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria married Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The wedding was celebrated with a horse race that took place on a meadow outside the city gates. This meadow was named "Theresienwiese", or "Wiesn" for short, in honour of the bride Therese. The Oktoberfest is still held there today. 

In 1854, the Oktoberfest was canceled due to a severe cholera outbreak in Munich. Guess who became the most prominent victim of this disease! It was Therese, whose wedding once founded the Oktoberfest!

The Reinheitsgebot – The Bavarian Purity Law for beer!

The "brewing tradition according to the purity law" only allows the use of water, malt, hops and yeast for brewing beer. A decree issued in 1516, initially for the then Duchy of Bavaria in Ingolstadt, forms the basis for an almost 500-year-old craft tradition of beer brewing, which is referred to as the "art of brewing". Extensive traditional knowledge and great craftsmanship are required to produce a variety of beers from the four permissible natural ingredients.

Since the early 20th century, the term "Reinheitsgebot" has been used. The most diverse types of beer and the large number of breweries impressively reflect the regionally different brewing techniques developed over centuries.

In 2014, the Bavarian Purity Law for beer was included in the list of intangible world cultural heritage in Bavaria.

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